Bees in the bonnet

I helped my future father-in-law with the honey harvest. Every year he takes the hives to the acacia forest, and before bringing them home he harvests the honey. (It’s easier to lift empty hives onto the truck… honey is heavy.)

Besides helping I was constantly struggling with hay fever, and was snapping some photos as well between sneezes and carrying the frames. (It’s not easy to sneeze or blow your nose under that beekeper’s hat, let me tell you. Especially when eager little bees are hell-bent on getting in to be with you.)

I have a D3300 and used a Tamron 90mm macro objective. (It works as a nice prime objective as well, as the photo below shows.) These photos are not modified in any way; when I have some time I’ll see what I can get out of the raw files.


After drinking. (There were buckets of water near the hives for them to drink.)



The new generation… the larvae are in focus, but the depth of field is so shallow that the top of the cells are already blurred at this magnification…itloggk

A bee eating honey…



The queen herself. She somehow escaped to the top part of the hive (there’s a screen there to make sure she cannot go there).4cyoguw

The miracle of birth – a new worker bee leaving the cell.


Busy like a bee



There are usually scraps of wax mixed with honey around the place where the frames are spun. (You have to open up the sealed cells first, and this creates some waste.) Bees immediately flock there to “reclaim” the honey. I like to think that they are telling their buddies back home: “hey, guys, come here; it’s so much easier than collecting nectar… they have, like, real honey already for the taking”… w9jtvg5tld5jspb5lvspx




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